Cardboard Printable Artwork

I just discovered my latest art obsession! painting on craft cardboard stock paper! If you would like to try it yourself you can pick up some "Kraft Card Stock Paper" at Walmart or your nearest craft store. Then print out your black n white design onto it and paint in the parts you want to highlight with white!

I like drawing my designs on my iPad in Procreate and then printing then printing it onto the paper so I have an easy template to follow. That way I can focus on the fun part, coloring! You can also find fun memes and print those off and paint over them as well! This cat picture always makes me smile!

For paint I'm using gouache, its a nice option because you can build up the color with layers. You can also use acrylic paint too!

This makes such a fun gift and craft! I love the natural color background and mixing it with black n white to create a cute, cozy, and crafty picture!


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