DIY Tiny Christmas Tree

DIY Christmas tree

Want to make a cute Christmas tree for your desk? I made this easy printable for you so you can create the make it yourself!

What you will need:

  • Printable printed on computer paper

  • two toothpicks ( skewe

rs or sticks work too)

  • cork (Clay works too. You'll want something weighted to stab the toothpick into)

Just follow the instructions and enjoy!

Here's the printable!

Step 1.) Right click on the printable and safe the image to your computer. Print off and cut out the three green sections.

DIY Christmas tree with a free printable

Step 2.) Fold each section into a cone and glue a sliver of overlapping paper together.

Step 3.) Take a stick, or tape two toothpicks together. Then take the largest cone, poke the stick in the middle, and glue the cone about halfway down the stick.

Step 4.) Add the other two cone going from biggest to smallest and space them evenly apart and glue in place.

Step 5.) Secure the tree to the base of the cork by stabbing the toothpick into it until it's sturdy.

Step 6.) Enjoy and Customize as you'd like!

DIY Paper Christmas tree decoration

Please tag me on social media so I can see your creation too! I'd love to see what creative decorations you add!


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