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How to Make A Grocery Bag Holder - No Sewing required!

Grocery Bag Holder

Have you been wanting a fun new way to hold all your plastic grocery bags together? This cute bag holder is a just the DIY you need! You can recycle old fabric and help extend the life of 1 time use plastic! The part I like best about this project is you don't need to know how to sew to make it!


  • Fabric - 1 foot by 2 feet

  • Scissors

  • Yarn, string, or ribbon

  • Hot glue gun

  • and the expectation you'll probably burn your fingers at some point

Time to do this project: 45 min

Here is a video you can follow along quickly with or written instructions below if you prefer! Have fun!

STEP 1.)

Cut out a piece of fabric that's 2 feet by 1 foot. I used an old table cloth.

Grocery Bag Holder

The short sides will eventually be the top and bottom of the bag and the long sides will be the glued together to make a tube shape

STEP 2.) Take the short ends on either side of the fabric and put hot glue 1 inch down from the edge.

Fold the fabric edge over and press down before the glue cools.

You want to make sure theirs space to make a loop to put yarn through later.

Repeat this step on the other short side.

STEP 3.) Once the glue is cooled down position the fabric so the folds you just made are facing the ground. Now fold the fabric in half in half long ways (Hotdog style) and glue the long edge together by putting hot glue in-between the folds. Stop before you get to the loops on the ends.

STEP 4.) Then if you open up it up it should look like a tube! Turn it inside out. This way all the folded fabric and frayed ends should be on the inside of the bag holder.

STEP 5.) Cut about a foot of yarn out. Take a needle or safety pin and secure the yarn to it by tying it on.

Then put the yarn in the hoop at the top of your bag. Fish the yarn around the bag scrunching fabric onto it and then pulling it down the yarn.

Keep inch warming your way around till you get it to pop out on the other then of the circle.

Repeat and do the same thing to the other end.

STEP 6.) Then you can pull the draw strings to make the opening smaller or bigger. Tie the two strings together loosely enough you can open and close it.

STEP 7.) Then take your grocery bags and STUFF IT!

Once your happy with the fullness your ready to hang up!

STEP 8.) Display or wrap up for a gift for someone you love!

STEP 9.) Share your creation on Facebook and tag HannahRenaeTV so I can see your creation! I love seeing all the fabric patterns people use!


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