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I Photoshopped My Dog Into a Painting!

Who doesn't love seeing their family pet photoshopped onto the body of royalty to look like the real king or queen that they are?! This was a fun little project and now one of my favorite wall décor prints in my house! If you'd like to learn how I did it you can keep scrolling and see my process. Totally worth the $12 bucks I spent printing it off. I love how it makes my guests laugh!

How did I do it?

  • I used to find stock photos of royal figures and then picked the one I thought looked best for Mr. Bennet!

  • Once I found a picture I liked I took note of the direction of the lighting in the painting.

  • Next I took a picture of Mr. Bennet and tried to keep the lighting direction the same as the painting subject. (Pro Tip: Have lots of treats and hold it off to the side of camera to give it that dramatic stare look.)

  • Then I just put it into photoshop, cut out his head and placed it on top. I did have to use the stamp tool to make some of the wig details out of the background. I also erased some of his hairs along the sides to give it a more transparent look. It was very rushed though so when the picture was blown up later you can see it looks very cheesy. But from 5 feet away and a quick glance it looks GREAT!

  • Lastly I just printed it off using and picked it up a few hours later.

Now its hanging up in my home and it makes me so happy and laugh. I like that you don't notice it but then when you do the seriousness mixed with the funny subject makes for a fun party piece to talk about.


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