7 Popular and Unique Hobbies for Surviving Quarantine

Quarantine. Those long months back in spring 2020 where we were all pretty much stuck inside and apart from each other. I remember that as a very anxious time. It felt like an invisible snow storm came upon us. It shut everything down from school, work, to traveling. The strange thing was you'd look out the window and see a perfectly normal day. No giant drifts of snow, or towns burning down, or sirens going off, or war planes flying over head. It was just quiet. But instead of lasting a few days it lasted months.

So like you I spent my time inside a lot and isolated. It was super lonely and I remember my anxiety being at an all time high. As soon as the order came to shut down the country, so did planning my wedding.

So to stop myself from obsessively checking the depressing news or fixate on a wedding that may or may not happen (Spoiler: it did), I decide to find a hobby for a creative outlet. And boy did I! took my favorite medium, watercolor, and combined it with my passion for video creation and made this short film. Its about a girl stuck in her house.

She looks all depressed out the window when suddenly a magical hot air balloon drifts down to her yard. She decides to try it out and it teleports her out of her world journeys across our real world.

Of course because of her tiny size even flying across a bedroom or the backyard feels like a grand adventure!

Watch the video here!

It was either this or start a hobby making bread but the stores were out of yeast.. It's just interesting what you can come up when you're world shuts down. What other hobbies did people come up with? Here is a list mixed with some of the most popular and unique hobbies! Do you relate to any of them?

Popular Quarantine Hobbies

  • Indoor Gardening

  • what better time to see if you can grow an avocado or actually remember to water your plants!

  • Puzzles

  • The one thing you could put together that wasn't currently falling apart. My husbands puzzle of choice. Legos!

  • Bread making

  • if you could find yeast.

  • Painting rocks and hide them

  • You can paint rocks, hide them and then leave a note on the rock where people can take a picture and post that they found it! Our local one is called Fort Wayne Rocks.

  • Painting Windows

  • By painting windows they'd appear almost like stain glass and also a way to create beautiful messages to the world

  • Home improvement

  • Because we were all staring at the walls too much so we HAD to change the color! Painted our bathroom from bland to GLAM!

  • Drive by Birthday Parties

  • Sometimes we didn't even know the person very well but that didn't stop us from getting in our car with bubbles, signs, silly hats, and noise makers, just to get for an excuse to get out of the house and make someone's day :)

If all of this has shown me one thing to me is that we were made to create! Create memories, create fun moments, create games, and create stronger relationships. Even when we're far apart and things fall to pieces we're made to bring things together again and maybe discover something new in the process. That's a beautiful thing about living.


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