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Noah's Ark but With Starwars Characters, Batman, LOTR, Yoshi, Unicorns, Santa, and MORE!

When my sister asked me to make a picture for her nursery I couldn't say no, though her request had an interesting twist.

Challenge ACCEPTED.

Why I chose these characters

  • Batman: Her favorite Superhero

  • Lord of the Rings: She made me watch the ALL the extended version of the movies at least 4 times growing up.

  • Tinker Bell: Tribute to when she was Peter Pan in middle school

  • Yoshi and Toad: She loved playing Mario games on the gameboy advance sp

  • One Hump Camel: Because she loves them and its hard to find them anywhere on stuff she likes to buy.

  • Loch ness Monster: Cuz you gotta

  • Mermaid: I needed to fill that spot

  • Eeve: Her favorite Pokemon

  • Santa: Because he be sleighing.

  • Ladybug: They remind us of a special tradition with our grandma where she would hid a tiny ladybug around the house and we'd have to find it.

  • Unicorn: They're mentioned in Harry Potter and much easier to draw then giant spiders.

Where can I buy a copy??

Since this piece includes alot of fan art I won't be selling it but if you'd like a copy of this drawing for your own home just click on this photo, save it to your computer and print! You can also click here and download it from google drive!

If you like this cute drawing be sure to visit my Etsy shop for more and support a small artist! Thanks!


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