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We Made A Tack in the Snow for Our Dog!

We decided to build a track in the snow so he could run around! He had so much fun zooming around in circles and we had fun watching! Theirs a video at the end of the blog if you want to see!

Bennet's First Snow Day

I loved seeing Bennet's reaction to seeing snow for the first time. I opened the back door to the backyard and he looked out at the blanket of white snow. You could tell he was confused at what he was looking at. In traditional fashion, Bennet slowly crept outside. He did his funny little walk where he's back legs wouldn't move but he'd stretch out as far as he could sniffing the air and jump at the slightest sign of danger.

Dog eating snow

It took him a long minute but eventually he got outside! He took a few unsure steps and sniffed the mysterious cold white stuff. Then he tried licking it. Well that's all it took because before long he was jumping and running and having the best time! He'd zoom around then stop and eat some snow and zoom around again! He even looked up at the falling snowflakes and try to chomp at them! It was the cutest thing!

Fast forward a couple weeks and a big snow comes to town! Jacob and I get it in our heads we want to try and make a path in the snow for him! So Jacob, being the heroic husband he is, puts on his snow gear, grabs a shovel, and gets to work.

(I love how dramatic this picture looks. Not to toot my own horn or anything.... But he looks pretty cool in this lighting.)

Anyways Jacob carved out paths while Bennet ran around trying to eat the snow he through around with the shovel. It was really such a wholesome sight!

After Jacob finished the paths it didn't take Bennet long to figure out how to use them. He ZOOMED! His little short legs flew him from one side of the backyard to the other! He would go around the curves so fast you could hear his claws digging into the icy ground to give him grip.

He ran hard for who knows how long! It was so much fun! If you'd like to see you should watch the video below that I posted on YouTube!


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