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Welcome to My Lifestyle Blog HannahRenaeTV!

This is my lifestyle blog all about an introverted freelancer with ADHD and her many hobbies. Along for the ride Mr. Bennet my havanese puppy and my wonderfully supportive husband.

Let's begin!

I'll be honest I'm new to blogging. I'm still figuring out how it works. This has become my latest obsession just like a thousand other things. My hope those is to be consistent and evolve along the way. On this blog I'll be posting artwork, DIY's, recipes for dairy allergies, and the latest updates about Bennet.

Sometimes I really want to pour my heart, and sometimes I've got an itch to make something to share with others! Regardless of which it is I want to bring you along! Though this isn't just about reading about ME ME ME I want to give you something of value to take away by the time you scroll to the bottom!


I noticed some blogs have italic words. Not sure why but it sure looks fancy!

Why Start a Blog?

For me I want to start a blog to get better at writing and storytelling! I never thought someone like me who was diagnosed with moderate/severe dyslexia would be a writer. I always thought of myself as an illustrator, artist, photographer, and anything else VISUAL. But I think theirs something exciting about the idea of trying something new! Sure maybe I won't be the best writer their ever was. Sure I'll use the wrong there and their, sure my dyslexic posts will sound like a mad-gab till I find an editor, but I'm going to learn! I think a dream of mine has always been to create a business, a product, or a world where I can use my strengths to support my family. Though writing is a weakness its certainly nothing to stop me from trying!

So What Happens Next?

I'm going to be posting here weekly! If you're interested in following along be sure to subscribe with your email to see the latest posts or follow me on social media!


Hey there reader!

Hello I'm Hannah Renae! This is my lifestyle blog where I post my latest artwork, photography, dairy-free recipes, and life updates! 

I'm always working on new projects and navigating through whatever life throws at my family so if you'd like to follow along in my journey be sure to sign up with your email!

Also if you like any of my artwork be sure to check out my shop!

Let the posts
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